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Learning about Sing Log Homes can be the smartest thing you do before deciding on which log home system you choose to build. Although there are larger companies selling log homes, there is no better quality home than a Sing Log Home.

Read further and learn about:

How easy they are to build

Their design flexibility

The advantages of having stock in Arizona

Their economy

Their strength and dimensional stability

Why they are so comfortable and energy efficient

Why they are healthy and environmentally friendly

Easy to Build

Compared to traditional and milled log homes, Sing Homes are easier to build because Sing Logs are square, tongue-and-groove, and not as heavy. Compared to frame houses, the built-up wall assembly has been reduced to pre-assembled blocks with interior and exterior walls ready at the same time. Many Sing Home owners built their dream homes with little professional help.

Design Flexibility

It is very difficult for average log homes to exceed 8 feet in height due to settling problem. Sing Homes often reach beyond 30 feet high. Think of Sing Logs as Lego (need trademark?) blocks --your imagination is the limit! Sing Home has the largest variety of styles. Check out our Photo Gallery.

Cedar Stock in Arizona

Specialty Log Homes is Arizona's only dealer stocking the Sing Square Log System. Having stock in Arizona brings the product and service closer to you, saving you time and money.

With cedar stock IN ARIZONA, you don't have to receive the full shipment all at once. You can pay for your smaller orders as you need them. Specialty Log Homes will assist you in making your dream home a reality.


Sing Homes has eliminated many conventional building processes and materials; such as exterior siding, vapor barrier, sheathing, framing lumber, batt insulation, and drywall--less labor and less material. Sing Homes, on average, are assessed at more than 15% higher than the average frame home of equivalent size.


Sing Homes are many times stronger than conventional frame homes. Professor William M. Miller and Vince Chaijaroen, from the University of Washington, conducted a Shear Wall Test on the Sing Walls. A copy of the report is available upon request.

Dimensional Stability

The standard size exterior Sing Square Logs is 8" wide by 10" tall and up to 8' long. Our advanced quarter sawing technique enables us to offer such considerable amount of solid timber with virtually no twisting, cracking, or shrinking. As with other vertical and straight grain products in the Sing Log family, they are among the most dimensionally stable engineered solid wood products on the market today.


The Sing Square Log's thick double wall provides a thermal mass to absorb, store, and slowly release heat over time. This means that it takes a long time for the temperature outside a Sing Log Home to change the temperature inside. Temperature swings and sudden losses of warm or cool air are minimized. The result is a comfortable indoor environment all year round.

The thermal mass effect also benefits the house's energy efficiency, as the heating and cooling equipment does not have to run as often.

Energy Efficient

The standard exterior Sing Log wall, with its patented air cavity, already exceeds most energy code requirements. You can further boost the systems efficiency by filling the log wall cavities with expandable urethane foam, which typically offers an R-value of 6 per inch. The combined R-value of this type of insulated Sing Log wall is between 37 to 42. The urethane foam also offers the additional benefit of sealing the house tight to prevent air leak and heat loss.

The average cost for adding urethane insulation to a Sing Log wall package is only $2000.00. Major savings can be achieved through lower utility bills, as well as downsizing heating /cooling equipment.


All Sing Home building products are manufactured with untreated natural wood, wood fibers, and non-toxic glue. They replace many conventional building materials that often contain toxic chemicals or offgas obnoxious fumes. As more and more people are suffering from asthma, allergies, and indoor air quality related health issues, Sing Log Homes have clearly become a preferred choice.

Conventional log homes are often regarded as natural and healthy homes. Yet the log's inherent settlement and shrinkage often create crevices where moisture can seep through, resulting in mold, fungus, and pest problems. Sing Log's dimensionally stable, smooth planed surface will minimize such negative impacts.

Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable

Our patented quarter sawing technique allows us to make use of lumbers rejected by regular lumber mills. These otherwise fine lumbers are often considered unusable or "defective" by other mills because they are too small in diameter or they contain wanes. Instead of heading to the chippers, they were salvaged and turned into the remarkable building blocks for your fine home.

All Sing Home building products maximize the strength and function of natural wood fiber with less consumption of energy during the manufacturing process. Sing Home building products are also longer lasting than other materials commonly used in housing projects --less waste to the landfill.

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